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The New Design and the Features are
great they come with interchangeable
ear tips.The Airpods Pros also sound much
better that the original ones and come
with a range of new controls.

The AirPods Pro have an ultracompact, lightweight, noise-isolating and sweat proof design that fits more ears securely and delivers better bass and overall sound than the original AirPods. The active noise-canceling is very good and significantly reduces ambient noise and they have a new transparency mode to let in sound. Headset performance when making calls is top-notch. The case Supports Wireless and Wired Charging it also comes with replaceable ear tips which really help to improve the fit.

It has a very good design which is optimised to improve sound quality and have perfect fit.They are Apples First Noise cancelling earbuds which which electronically counteract exterior noise.

Ear tips


They AirPods Fit securely and they’re sweat-proof which makes it much better to use while exercising.The AirPods Pro come with small, medium and large ear tips which helps you customise your experience and ensure you have a proper fit.

If you’re setting the AirPod Pros up on an iOS device the phone will guide you through testing which ear tip fits you best.Apple is also selling replacement tips for just $4 which make it much easier to replace lost Ear Tips.



The first Impression of the AirPods Pros are that they sound much better than the standard AirPods because they have more bass this is due to their new noise-isolating design and new drivers that are tuned for that design. The standard AirPods sound decent but their open design, doesn’t  do well with external noise . The Very Effective Noise Cancelling also helps with external noise, and the combination of the seal of the tips and the active noise cancellation means they sound much better.

The have a battery life of 4.5Hours with active noise cancelation. The battery Life could be slightly better but the Airpod Pros have extremely quick charging thanks to the Usb-c To Lightning cable included in the Box.


Apple improved their noise-reduction capabilities, particularly wind noise. The AirPods Pro have three microphones on each bud, one of which is a beamforming mic that’s designed to pick up your voice. They also have similar noise-reduction capabilities, plus a vent system that’s not only supposed to relieve some of the pressure that can build up in your ear from a noise-isolating design coupled with noise-canceling features, but can help cut down on wind noise a tad, an Apple rep told me. More importantly, you can simply hear callers better because of the Pros’ noise-isolating design.



The AirPod Pros come with force Censors in the stem of each bud.
The Controls are:

  • Single-press: Pause/play
  • Double-press: Skip forward
  • Triple-press: Skip backward
  • Long-press: Switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode.
The Force Censor is in the stem because tapping the buds with the new noise canceling design would irritate the user.The Airpods Also have the H1 chip which allows you to have “Hey siri” on at all times.



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