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The MacBook Pro has been significantly improves and is much more powerful with a larger battery and many more storage options.

The Recently launched 16 Inch Mac Book has many new much awaited features.Apple hasn’t really changed the Design but they have added small but extremely relevant features.

The Mac comes with a larger battery and screen with thinner bezels they also replaced the Butterfly Keyboard with a new thinner mechanical keyboard which are much better.

The new Mac comes 8.6mm wider, 5.2mm deeper,0.77mm thicker and 170g heavier.The machine comes with a diagonal length of 16 Inches which has been upgraded from the previous 15.4 Inch screen.It also has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports and a Headphone Jack.The audio has been improved with New Upgraded Speakers and Microphones.It also come with a new six-speaker built into it.


Specs Info
16inch LCD 3072x1920 (226ppi)
9th gen 6-core Intel Core i7 or 8-core Intel Core i9
16Gb,32GB or 64GB
512GB, 1TB, 2GB, 4GB Or 8GB
Intel UHD 630 + AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or Radeon Pro 5500M
Operating System
macOS Catalina
720p FaceTime HD camera
wifi ac, Bluetooth 5, 4x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, headphone
245.9 x 357.9 x 16.2mm

The New Keyboard

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.38.59 AM
The Butterfly Keyboard was introduced in the 2015 MacBook.It was thinner and helped make the laptop thinner.The Butterfly keyboard also significantly reduced the amount of travel.But even with these benefits they were poorly designed which lead to problems.To replace the butterfly keyboard Apple released The new “Magic Keyboard”In the 16Inch MacBook Pro.The new Magic Keyboard goes back to using traditional scissor switches.These Keys are more stable and have been designed to have the same thin profile. 


The increased size of the MacBook gives Apple the opportunity to fit a larger battery.The 16inch MacBook come with a 100Wh battery which is just under 20% larger than the 83.6Wh Battery in the previous 15inch MacBook.The increased size of the battery really makes a difference in a full nine hour work day.


One Problem that had occurred with MacBooks was that the laptops were overheating when used for more processor-intensive tasks.Later Apple discovered a bug which was slowing the 2018 MacBook Pro down.Now the machine’s thermal architecture has been redesigned, netting a 28 percent increase in airflow. A larger heat sink allows for a 35 percent improvement in heat dissipation.

Product Link
Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar , Intel Core i7, 2.6GHz, 512GB Storage, 16GB RAM
Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar , Intel Core i9, 2.3GHz, 1TB Storage, 16GB RAM

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